Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Binturong Review

The Binturong Review is a new poetry magazine, co-edited by WG Find. I stumbled upon this magazine in the essential bookshop in Liverpool, News from Nowhere. I'm always pleased to see new magazines appearing. I know that Neon Highway is still available on-line, but I miss its print version.
W.G.Find tells me that a Binturong Review website is forthcoming in the new year. I for one welcome this. The edition that I picked up at News from Nowhere was packed full of decent poetry, mainly from unknowns (to me) and I look forward to seeing my work (WG Find has kindly accepted some of my work) in the next issue.
The Binturong Review costs £1 and is available in Liverpool at News from Nowhere in Bold Street.
Submissions welcome at