Friday, November 10, 2006


A poem written for, and read at the wedding of two great friends of mine, in August 2006. The poem was first performed in the entrance hall at Storrs Hall in Windermere.

Of love and friendship
for James and Clare

This is your time
this is your place

allow yourself space and silence

red ribbon marking the start
a roof light leaf
seen through morning light

expectation through
watery eyes

just listen to the birdsong!
just look at the wildflowers!

a bouquet arcs through the air
do you remember driftwood in the fireplace
and drinking tea in the Egg café with the news?

Now go and tell the world
what the valleys already know

Sharing time on winter nights
pub back rooms mutual tales
of life its stresses and strains
unified through creativity

collective sounds beach walks
through spring sunshine
communication via technology
office blocks in Woking

to houses in Waterloo
helping with sanity
bringing Liverpool nearer
and back to life

such sweet piano chords
the melody weaves a quiet voice

across design studios friendships form
her excitement results in sleep deprivation!

Love is a splendid thing
it spreads like the supple dawn
across a Rothko horizon and a pebble
skimmed across Windermere

Love is a wonderful thing
it is a shaft of light
through stained glass it is walking
hand in hand along the shores of the lake

Love is a glorious thing
it's contained in the fabric
of memories etched in mind and
among the desk bound photographs

Love is a flower in the city
it is colour amongst the grey
it is the end of the rainbow
after walking through the dappled valley

Love is sheltering under trees
arm in arm
becalmed after a storm has passed
watching existence stirring itself

Bravery already exists in elegiac stanzas

stay proud amidst the sun
these salad days of summer
carry a blueberry breeze
stay sweet on the martini cloud

the sea at times may get rough
think of the lighthouse solid and sure
concentrate! the beam is spelling out
both your names

watching fireworks horizons ablaze
in the vineyard the grape is
reaching its ripeness

may the bluebird of happiness
be upon you both

(c) Andrew Taylor 2006.

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