Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On-line Picture

Andrew Taylor pictured with Robert Sheppard and Cliff Yates here

Thursday, August 11, 2005


GESQUOI PART II published in Mercy #26 link here

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Friday, July 22, 2005

Cathedral Poems

Cathedral Poems will be published by Paula Brown Publishing in August.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Summer's Arc of Sun

Red brick lit from light summer's arc – of sun
rook sat on chimney stack
peaceful gaze shattered by swallow's
fighter plane attack, rook shifts

(c) Andrew Taylor 2005

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Haiku Scotland

I have had some of my englyns accepted by Haiku Scotland for # 2 of this new magazine

Friday, April 29, 2005


Chicken Pig

Location locked firm
writing machines hedge
view to fields beyond

green and white desk
chopped firewood an
Autumn testament

first publication tea at five
comfort of audience
harmony of routine


Positioned licensed a new
order metropolis of

needled incomprehension
horizon signifiers
comfort through summer madness

Public art station walks Palanzana
Unknown Landscape # 3
The Tango Ray and Julie Sea Circle


Air-conditioned basement
monitors surround
postcards shelf stacked

encased metallic blue freed
hotel furniture resting
place reflections on rye

Greenness of canal bandstand
rendezvous isolation
jet watching double glazing


Year of death and disease
cabin walls drip
behind blinds of Winter

Copse lifeless nature redolent
shut down magnetic voices
recording tape rattled railings

Car park light cast glow
empty space years end
lock the cabin door


Dreams of Winter Hill
A Certain Ratio
red letters on the dashboard

flash neon satellite navigation
time zones a freeway
and city midnight junk

Orange support through fog
bay lights glimmer
Star Room Dancing a hotel view

(c) Andrew Taylor 2005


I have had the proofs for four poems to be published in Fire magazine in the Autumn. Cathedral Poems is still proving difficult to proof. We have had the second proof back and it is unacceptable. We are going to a third proof.

Poems published

Two poems have been published in Orbis # 132. They are edited versions of two poems from Poetry & Skin Cream: Little Be Cold and Like It Knows Exactly

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

erbacce # 3

erbacce # 3 edited by Alan Corkish and Andrew Taylor, features poetry by Scott Thurston, AD Winans, Mario Susko, Sam Smith, Ursula Hurley and more. erbacce is stocked by News From Nowhere in Bold Street, Liverpool and Linghams, Banks Road, West Kirby. Also available by visiting

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Poem in Progress completed

The poem posted a few days ago is finished and is posted at

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Andrew Taylor is reading at the following venues:
Linghams Booksellers, 248 Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral, Thursday 7th April 7.30pm £3.00
Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool, Sunday 10th April 2.30-4.00pm FREE

A Poem In Progress

After reading other interesting blogs, I thought it might be fun to post a poem in progress on my blog. Of course, this work-in-progress is (c) copyright.

It starts in Melling
runs via Liverpool
New York
San Francisco
does it end here?


Lemsip Max can of Screen-Clene 32 Mandanol branded Paracetemol copy of Mercy magazine Issue 24 March 2005 Bill Viola Observance Exhibition Guide National Museums Liverpool Apple iPod 20GB Various Royal Mail receipts Various photographs Advent 6000 laptop computer Toshiba HDD & DVD Video Recorder RD- XS30 Logitech Wireless Mouse Scan View TFT Broadcast Monitor Copy of Fire # 24 Maxtor One Touch external Hard Drive Nokia 6610i mobile telephone Parker ballpoint pen Lett's 2005 A5 Diary Free Compact Disc from The Guardian Newspaper including music from British Sea Power Bloc Party and Mercury Rev an Anchor Steam Beer bottle top Explorer 4200 DVB set-top box Staedler Mars 777 0.5 pencil a Penguin Francoise Sagan Bonjour Tristesse mug


Photograph of Liverpool Cathedral by Tom Cox a 2005 Cats Calendar by Andy Warhol Liverpool Skyline Painting by John Jennings copy of the Bran Van 3000 logo various compact discs including UNKLE 'Psyence Fiction' Mogwai 'Happy Songs For Happy People' Ryan Adams 'Love Is Hell' Parts One and Two a BBC Royalty Payment Cheque un-cashed framed with a photograph by Karl Gielinck 'Billy' bookcases an uncharged Psion Revo Adrian Henri's 'Collected Poems' BT telephone upside down hotel room newspaper cutting a porcelain dog a copper windmill an angle-poise lamp Body Shop Hemp cream last few copies of 'Poetry and Skin Cream' boxed stacked printer paper rolled up British Sea Power tour poster used aeroplane tickets London A-Z bought at King's Cross station Parisian map

deerstalker driven walk
map upside
down canals lead
to docks

breakfast first thing
coffee and eggs
staying above San Remo

caged birds after Le
Tourist Nou Camp
spectacular falafal
and sunlit squares

neighbourhood bar
candlelit winter
night cryptic messages
on newspaper front-page

artists chess players
cab drivers
propelled by Anchor and Sierra

Farrell to Vernon St
measured electric glide
city centre morning bustle
landmarks remain

Vernon St to Jordan St
via St James' Mount
Monday coolness heated
refectory fodder

A solitary daffodil stands on a motorway verge in recognition of the first day of spring

Catharine Street front room painted dream spiral lunchtime after office curry phone-calls from Laura back bedroom down into the kitchen football in the corridor

Moving days boxed memories poetry an odd bedfellow to New Deal galleries set in derelict warehouses Wolstenholme Square anarchist artists squatter's rights

Poetry in members clubs how about crypt of The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King? Art galleries on December nights steamed up windows and Off Licences

Buddleia Warehouse roof shots envisaging a penthouse view to the Cathedral cellar visiting arch low-light hard hat a licence to roam explore streets become familiar

Fox Street a friary meeting place hill walking to the tower fence climbing city a map below in the haze of daybreak

Consolation red arms gathering a soul bereft anticipation of survival journeys along coastal tracks marshland birds stagnant leaded public art leading to Oriel Mostyn

Snowdon Buffet Bar Bangor Station meeting place after trekking armed with poetry and skin cream study centre first editions and Thomas's typewriter letters and notes

Amnesiac Red Stripe beer a desk-top computer floppy discs poetry carried in pockets transposed through Revo paper and memory

A vase of daffodils on a bedside table in recognition of a birthday

Woking a different air lunch-time foot court madness newspaper too large for tables hotels a writing machine entertainment system photographs postcards home reminders

Day war broke out watching Heathrow jets spring flowers baskets swinging loosely in a warmed breeze news updates satellites free newspapers in reception feeling far from

Nature and integration wood where signal dies foxes run in straight lines petrol station odd giver of life

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Other blogs of interest

Untitled Autumn Collection

A new collection is being assembled, to be published by Paula Brown Publishing. This collection will gather poetry from the MA years at Edge Hill College, the LADT Poems (while poet-in-residence at Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust) and the poems written since.
Running alongside this, I am editing the poems for possible inclusion in my PhD thesis.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cathedral Poems

Cathedral Poems has gone to second proof. Hopefully the problems with the first proof will be overcome this time. More news soon.

The People's Poet

Andrew Taylor won the coveted 'People's Poet of 2004' in Liverpool on Saturday. This was voted for by members of the People's Poet community and will result in a book by Andrew Taylor.

erbacce # 2

The second issue of erbacce is out now. This anonymous edition is available in Linghams Booksellers in West Kirby and News From Nowhere in Bold Street Liverpool.
Please support this venture.