Friday, April 29, 2005


Chicken Pig

Location locked firm
writing machines hedge
view to fields beyond

green and white desk
chopped firewood an
Autumn testament

first publication tea at five
comfort of audience
harmony of routine


Positioned licensed a new
order metropolis of

needled incomprehension
horizon signifiers
comfort through summer madness

Public art station walks Palanzana
Unknown Landscape # 3
The Tango Ray and Julie Sea Circle


Air-conditioned basement
monitors surround
postcards shelf stacked

encased metallic blue freed
hotel furniture resting
place reflections on rye

Greenness of canal bandstand
rendezvous isolation
jet watching double glazing


Year of death and disease
cabin walls drip
behind blinds of Winter

Copse lifeless nature redolent
shut down magnetic voices
recording tape rattled railings

Car park light cast glow
empty space years end
lock the cabin door


Dreams of Winter Hill
A Certain Ratio
red letters on the dashboard

flash neon satellite navigation
time zones a freeway
and city midnight junk

Orange support through fog
bay lights glimmer
Star Room Dancing a hotel view

(c) Andrew Taylor 2005