Friday, May 25, 2007

When the City Speaks: The City is the Stage …


Artists will become the flaneur - city walkers for the day - using the urban space as a stage and the psycho-geographic setting to create art derived and inspired by it.


To create artefacts of what has been seen, found and experienced and memorised on the day of the walk. The situation will be an impromptu one, so the work made on the day will formed from the urban exploration.


The focus will be the city as a hybrid culture and the artists are to examine its sub-cultures, such as the graffiti artists, tattoo artists, city icons and whatever is considered as an underground scene and the banal and everyday things that often go unnoticed and more. It will be an exploration of the visual language and symbolism in the city space.
OutcomeThe cultural examinations by each artist will then be represented through a chosen mode of expression and media on sections of paper to convey their experiences. This could be through text, painting, drawing, collage, photography, etc..


This programme will run in three city, starting with Liverpool (UK) in June 2007 moving to London (UK) and then Paris (France).Liverpool, June 2007.London, July 2007.Paris, August 2007.

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