Tuesday, January 05, 2010

January snow

Walked around Liverpool in a flaneurial mode with New Folder on Saturday. It was great being in the city again with Billy. We go back a way to when we both worked at Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust (LADT). We had the pleasure of walking the city then and when we get the chance we meet up and flaneur. Part of these walks were part of my PhD research and ended up in my thesis.
I have to say that the city has changed greatly. We met at Tate Liverpool and I dried out after getting caught in horizontal sleet. We walked along the new waterfront to the Cruise Liner terminal and Princes Dock. We circled back took shelter in Liverpool Parish Church. Yep, rain again. Navigating the business district spotting new (to us) Liver Birds on buildings. For some reason I felt drawn to Mathew Street and no, I'm not really a Beatles fan, but Cavern Walks is a place I've not seen for a while. It was interesting seeing the tourists in action. From Mathew Street we cut through Button Street past the old Probe Records building, now a Ted Baker shop, and onto Whitechapel. Cutting through the School Lane section of Liverpool One shopping area, we paused for tea in the revamped Bluecoat Arts Centre. The city has changed. Mostly for the better...
It was a great day even the weather held.

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